I write genres that overlap - from fiction and narratives to guidebooks, non-fiction, and specialist books. On this page, you will find all works published under (or with) my name. Right now, the books are only in German available.

New 2020
Novel 2018
Anthology 2019
Specialist literature (2017)
Novel 2014/2015
Fantasy, Historische Romane, Voltuma, Volsini, Volterra, von Stephanie Vonwiller
Narratives (2007)
Erzählungen aus China, Peking Ente mit Sahne von Stephanie Vonwiller
Erzälungen aus China, Gartenzwerg trifft Dachreiter von Stephanie Vonwille
Sachbuch Dänemark Eine Wikingerlüge? von Stephanie Vonwiller
Short stories (free download here - only in German)
Texts from mine in other books
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