Research stations and "secrets" to the novel trilogy:
In two years, about 6 weeks, I grabbed through Etruscan tombs, walked along ancient hollow paths and visited a lot of museums. I was mainly in Lombardy, the province of Imperia and the Riviera as well as in Umbria and Lazio.
I started in Bergamo, next to Berlin a really important place in my novels. Maira, my main character walks more than once through the narrow old alleys around Piazza Vecchia. Here she barely escapes an attack that could easily have cost her her life. Also the cathedral there "reveals" her mystical secrets. In the picture box right here below I have collected some impressions of the place for you and partly provided them with small text lines from the novels - just flip through them (Smartphone or Tablet please click on the picture to read the text).

Among the other places listed below, you will find a series of pictures of the many places I have visited, especially the Etruscan tombs, pictures from museums and impressive pictures of the hollow paths that the Etruscans built more than 2,000 years ago. Of course also beautiful city photos.
Basically, however, the Italians seem to have a rather "disturbed" relationship to the Etruscan past, at least this impression is conveyed by the most poorly maintained or unmaintained - or to be found - excavation sites and hollow paths. The Etruscans were there first and the Romans have displaced them some time and many of the Etruscans have spent them later as their inventions, but the Italians themselves probably feel closer to the Romans than to the Etruscans. So if you want to visit one or the other place, you can download the directions as pdf here.

On their run, my main character also lands once in Diano Marina in the Hotel Palace and discovers nearby the medieval place Cervo. Here, driven by a feeling, she buys an ugly plate that will, however, play an important role in the further course...


Roman Requisit
Acquarossa (13) - excavations
Castel D Asso (17) - graves
Cerveteri (146) - graves, excavations, museums,
Thyrrenic ocean
Cita di Bagnoregio (26) - City
Lago di Bolsena (10) - Sea
Lago di Vico (7) - Sea
Nekropole Bagnoregio-Orvieto (5) - grave
Orvieto (50) - graves, excavations, City
Perugia (73) - excavations, museums, Old City
Rom (50) - museums, City
Sorano (6) - Hollow path
Sorano - San Rocco (30) - One of the most beautiful hollow paths
Sorano - Vitozza (26) - A little macabre presentation of graves.
Sovana / Pitigliano (28) - Hollow path, graves
Tarquinia (55) - excavations, museum, Thyrrenic ocean
Tuscania Ara Del Tufo (27) - graves
Viterbo (10) - small old city
Vitorchiano (62) - medieval village / holiday flat
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